Engineering Environments


The operation of your business relies on the following key essentials: electricity, heating, cooling, plumbing and fire protection. M and E creates effective designs that award your company the benefit from these resources.

Since 1997, our company has completed over 2,400 projects in multiple states, consisting of projects from small commercial buildings to casinos and hospitals. For over 18 years, M and E has engineered reliable, effective systems that provide the foundation for facilities to operate.




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Our Culture: We’re all in

A unified approach is the backbone of the M and E proven process.  Our core values give us the freedom to create and explore, without sacrificing the unity that delivers consistent results. It is what powers our attitude, draws attention to details and ensures timely professional, considerate communication to our clients every step of the way.

Core values:

Humbly confident
Build a healthy and positive team
Build open and honest relationships
Respond timely and provide timely delivery
Intelligently inquisitive
Brings peaceful outcomes


Core focus:

Providing comfort and protection to mankind

Markets: Gratification comes from any challenge

M and E’s expansive team comes stacked with expertise in a multitude of arenas. For every job we harness the power of our multi-disciplined team to deliver award-worthy results time and again. It is no wonder that since 1997, M and E has excelled in several markets and continues to place its intelligently inquisitive engineered systems among many facilities.  Below are a few projects that our clients awarded M and E the pleasure to produce.   







Services: Team Spirited. We are all in.

Our team encompasses everything needed to see a job through from start to finish including: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, and fire protection. 

Responding timely to emails, phone calls and requests is important to us. In our day’s work it is not uncommon for us to evaluate the condition of existing equipment, assess the requirements of new cooling equipment, or plan for temporary cooling during transition. We work with clients to provide an effective, set of bid documents. We are committed to being reliable and providing timely feedback. 


  • Fire alarm systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Security systems
  • Access systems
  • Access control systems 
  • Structured cablings
  • HVAC
  • MEP

Services offered:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Power and emergency power systems
  • Lighting systems


Portfolio: Reward of our efforts

Projects are treated with the same level of innovative detail and passion. We take pride in delivering a product that works. From historical renovations to brand new construction, projects are delivered with the latest design and equipment when it comes to efficiency and technology. We have been awarded the opportunity of being a part of the designs below.

Professional Organizations